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#1 Total Domination

Civilisation has fallen and War is the only order in Total Domination. You need to develop your colony so that you can protect your people. Start researching new technologies...

Civilisation has fallen and War is the only order in Total Domination. You need to develop your colony so that you can protect your people. Start researching new technologies to control the weapons of the future. Wage the ultimate War for control of territory!

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#2 Stormfall

Claim the throne of Stormfall: Age of War!

Stormfall is a dark world of fantasy and myth in the greatest fantasy online strategy game! You have been chosen to be a champion in these dark times. Your mission as the chosen Lord is to expand your castle while strategically building an army to use against rivals. Climb to the top by mastering in various skills and even forge allies!

Play the way you want to – choose your own adventure:
- Plarium online strategy games are Free to Play, require No Downloading, and have No Restrictions
- Join intense multiplayer clan warfare: Thousands of Live Clans and rivals are online, with new battles and adventures added every day
- Experience only the best 3D Graphics and artwork, fully-voiced missions and characters
- Write your own story and change the game world by joining in Cooperative global missions

Plarium’s MMO strategy games bring hi-end graphics,...

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#3 Smite

Try a whole new experience with SMITE by battling with the GODS!

SMITE is a action based strategy multiplayer online battle arena for hardcore gamers that want to try something fresh.

Based on the idea of battle of the gods, it draws a lot of similarities between League of Legends. SMITE offers a new perspective where the camera is positioned behind your champion where you can experience all the attacks.

For those that are not familiar with MOBA games, traditionally gameplay includes 5v5, 3v3, all random all middle maps where players play against online players to destroy components towers. SMITE offers a slight twist where you are able to battle against bosses.

Champions are known as Gods from seven different religions. The history of each champion can vary from greek mythology backgrounds to Egyptian styles. Each champion has their unique abilities that can work in conjunction with other to create ultimate combos. Earn your characters...

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#4 Desert Operations

The MMO Military strategy game for your browser!

Desert Operations is a F2P browser game that has been bringing players together since 2008 and has been nominated twice in a row for “MMO of the Year”.

Desert Operations is a free to play military Strategy Browser-based Game where you fight as the Ruler of a small country against thousand other players or make allies with them through clever diplomacy.

Raise your influence on the world politics by creating alliances or making war declarations. Found alliances, so you and your allies can fight against your enemies. Trade with your allies and spy on your enemies. You have many possibilities to create your country and defend yourself against hostile takeover.

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#5 Elsword

Elsword is one of the best multiplayer beat-em-ups!

Elsword is a super-fun game with 6 great characters to choose and both PvP and PvE gameplay. The side-scrolling RPG allows 4 player co-op missions and upto 4 vs 4 in PvP mode.

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#6 Stronghold Kingdoms

Bring your village to life in this castle MMO.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a strategy MMO game with a medieval experience. Stronghold Kingdoms offers lots of quests in order to challenge and reward you. You can use the card system to your advantage and research and utilise new technologies to progress through the game. Can you build the ultimate stronghold?

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#7 The Settlers Online

Start building your own medieval empire now!

Build your own medieval kingdom and expand your empire through exploration and trade in this classic MMO. Battle foes to secure your glory, no download required – play in your browser now!

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#8 Sparta: War of Empires

Rise against Xerxes and become the hero Greece needs to gain control of their empire!

Sparta: War of Empires is a browser based MMORTS brought to you by Plarium. Players will be set back in fifth century B.C. Greece, during the war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Your task is to lead the city where it will become the heart of resource and wealth. Command an army and protect your city from the Persians in order for your city to grow powerful and indestructible.

You will find yourself in early stages, focusing on resources. Manage the three main resources: bronze, grain and timber. In order to increase production you will need to construct farms and forges to support the city. Each unit can be upgraded as well as your army. This will be a test to your patience and also to see how quickly you can build an empire.

In order to protect against the Xerxes, you will need to form alliances. This can be to join a coalition or develop your own. Fight as a team...

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#9 League of Angels

Join the power of the Angels to battle the forces of evil!

League of Angels is a browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat. The story involves the Angels watching over earth and their powers gone due to the twilight of the gods. Without the angels wisdom and guidance, the world fell into chaos. The Angels turn to humans to save and bring back the fallen world.

You will play as the human known as the Brave. Begin by selecting your Angel from 8 different races. However choose wisely as they each have their unique skills and will determine the rest of the formation. Bond with your Angel to upgrade her skills to become the strongest combo.

The main features involve various game modes such as Single player dungeons, Multiplayer dungeons, Rogue-like mode, Arena battles and Cross Server battles.

Play for free now and discover a whole new world!

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#10 Anno Online

The free strategic browser game from the award-winning Anno series.

Anno Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game that lets you build and develop big medieval cities. No download is required! Play Now!

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#12 Rail Nation

A F2P strategy and management MMO combined with in-depth transport simulation.

Rail Nation is a F2P browser based strategy game involving transport simulation.

The player starts as the manager of a small railroad company with the goal of transporting as many goods as possible through the historic railroad eras of Steam, Diesel and Electric. The initial phase introduces the game mechanics. The winner of the game is the player that generates the most prestige.

But winning means completing many different tasks. At first, your little steam locomotive can transport goods by freight car from one town to another. Each town needs the raw materials to develop and grow. Nearby factories produce or process the materials. For example, your trains must transport lumber to the joinery and then the planks it produces must be taken to the town. And why not take a load of coal from the mines on the journey back? This is how you generate cash that you can reinvest in...

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WORLD OF WARPLANES - Test your flying skills and play the ultimate air combat game.

#13 World of Warplanes

Are you an ace pilot? Test your flying skills and play the ultimate air combat game.

World of Warplanes has been one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2013. Test your air combat skills at very high speeds. You will join a huge air force of pilots from around the world. Currently there are over 2 million players. Join the game to start practicing and become a truly ace pilot!

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RISE OF MYTHOS - A competitive collectible trading card game with an MMORPG twist!

#14 Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos is a competitive collectible trading card game with an MMORPG twist!

Rise of Mythos is a unique and free card-based MMO game where you battle against evil forces. The browser based game was developed by Fire Elemental and published by German based Just A Game.

Rise of Mythos gives you a selection of classes to choose from: Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest. Once you’ve selected your class, you can start collecting cards, where each card represents a skill, fighter or tool. Within a battle, you deploy your cards in a smart way, where you anticipate your enemies’ health, attacks and range so that you can best protect yourself and defeat your enemy as quick as possible.

The game also includes a city management feature which allows you to gather resources so you can craft better cards for defence or attack.

The game allows PvP and PvE battles. PvP battles can be 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 and there are three modes in the team instance. If...

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#15 Pirate101

Ready to board your Pirate ship and embark on an epic adventure? Yarr!!

Pirate101 is a F2P MMO Pirate adventure with flying ships, board game combat and far off worlds that’s safe for kids and fun for players of all ages! Become the pirate you always dreamed of and sail through the Skyway in hopes of treasure and daring quests.

Choose from 5 available classes:
Buccaneer – One of the strongest and toughest classes, Buccaneer’s signature power and gives your Pirate an extra attack if they drop an enemy in combat.
Musketeer – expert marksmen that strategically attack enemies at long range to prevent any chance for hand-to-hand combat.
Privateer – the healers in the team where they boost companions capabilities and powers.
Swashbuckler – extremely quick attackers where they reply on speed and finesse in combat.
Witchdoctor – mage type that uses summoned spirit allies to turn odds in...

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#16 Shadowbound

Recruit, train, and unleash a party of armies and charge against the shadows in this new MMORPG!

Shadowbound is a browser based turn-play MMORPG brought to you by R2 Games for those who enjoy a fantasy game filled with good graphics and beautiful scenery.

Like most MMO games, the beginning of the game requires you to pick a character which will be classified as Mage, Hunter and Warrior. Mage characters are magic casters, Hunters are ranged shooters and Warriors are melee soldiers. All classes are strong and can be developed into powerful characters depending on your preference. However, the best way to increase attributes is to equip the best equipment that can allow extra upgrades.

Additional features that allow players to boost their stats involve a system called Battle Rating. This is a general stat to show fighting performances. This can be increases using special items such as Astrals and Talismans. The way it works is that new players have only 4 Astral slots but...

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#17 Tyrant Unleashed

For those who enjoy engaging in a combination of strategic and fast-paced battles!

Tyrant Unleashed is F2P strategic collectible card game involving a simple game play system.

Play as a Captain where you attack the enemy Commander to become the ultimate victory.

Extremely easy to navigate and begin the game through guidance and support. You will be defeating enemies in no time.
The game involves taking turns to deal damage but at the same time you can also defend strategically until you blast your enemy down.

You may also recieve special power cards which players will have to wait until they are active....

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#18 Pirate Galaxy

Battle in one of the greatest Galactical wars all on your browser!

Pirate Galaxy is a free to play browser based sci fi game brought to you by Gamigo!

The Mantis rules over the galactical sector, enslaving humans. Only a few survivors managed to escape. Hunted by the Mantis. They conquer numerous planets in order to mine the valuable element – Cryonite. You play as one of the survivors as an elite pilot fighting for freedom.

Complete countless missions, upgrade your spaceship and join missions to confront the Mantis madness.

Choose to download the game or play through the browser without the need to install any game client. Game controls are very easy to adapt. Use your mouse and keyboard to control your spaceship. You can also fire cannons, use abilities such as speed boosters and shields and so much more!

Some other special features include awesome 3D graphics for a browser game, epic storyline and music, various game...

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#19 World of Tanks

Want a great battlefield experience? Then World of Tanks is the game for you.

World of Tanks is a 3D, team-based MMO shoot-em up. The game is set in the mid-20th century, around World War 2.

World of Tanks offers players a vast array of over 150 tanks to choose from, produced in Germany, the Soviet Union, Britain, China, France and the United States. Each battle can have 60 players, up to 30 on each team. Teams compete to destroy all opposing vehicles, often leading to immense battles on the ground.

World of Tanks has RPG elements within the game such as tank upgrades. Tanks are upgraded by individual components including the chassis, engines, radio, guns, ammunition and turrets.

The game also allows you to recruit new crew members. Each recruit starts with a light tank and through experience and credits they can upgrade to bigger tank models.

World of Tanks is a great PvP World War 2 games and is one of the best army gaming experiences...

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#20 War Thunder

Ever wanted to feel what it would have been like to be a World War II fighter pilot? Play this...

War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.

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